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Need to make a claim? We’re here to help

What to do after an accident


Assess the situation

  • Make sure everyone is okay and unhurt.  If someone is hurt, call 000.
  • Call the police if someone is hurt, if your car has been stolen or vandalised or if someone involved in the accident has left the scene.
  • If you can, move your car to a safe place.

Collect details and take pictures

  • Collect the contact details of the drivers, passengers or witnesses to the accident.  Do not admit fault.  Collect their full name, address, phone number, car registration and insurance details.  We cannot waive your excess without the details of the other driver.
  • If it is safe, take photos of the scene of the accident.  Collect any available dash camera footage, CCTV footage, or note any nearby CCTV cameras.
  • Note the time and get the police reference number, if they attend.

Contact us

  • To lodge your claim, log in to My Account or call us on 1300 800 900.
  • If your car cannot be driven away, call us on 1300 800 900 to arrange an emergency tow.

How to make a claim


Insurance claims

If your car has been involved in an incident (such as collision, theft, vandalism, windscreen or natural event), we’re ready to help.

To lodge your claim, you will need details of the incident, including the driver’s details and those of other parties involved.

You can lodge your claim anytime in your My TrueCover portal.  You can also call us during business hours to lodge your claim.  Emergency towing is available 24/7 and can be arranged by calling us on 1300 800 900.


TrueCover Assist (Roadside)

We are committed to keeping you moving.  We offer around the clock, Australia-wide coverage.

Call us if you have broken down, have a flat tyre, have a flat battery or have run out of fuel. We will need:

  • Your name and contact phone number
  • Your car’s registration number and current location
  • A description of the problem

Claims FAQs

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To give you peace of mind, TrueCover covers anyone that drives your car, subject to our standard underwriting criteria and exclusions.  These criteria include that the driver must hold a valid licence and must not be over the legal alcohol limit.

Learner drivers who are not listed on your policy may be subject to additional excesses, including an unlisted driver excess.  The unlisted driver excess will not apply if the learner driver is listed on your policy.  Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for further information, or call us on 1300 800 900.

Yes, your standard excess can be increased at any time during the life of the policy.  It can only be reduced when you renew your policy.  Please contact us on 1300 800 900 to change your standard excess.

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What happens next?

We will review your claim and contact you if we need anything else. Your dedicated claims officer will keep you informed on the status of your claim. We are here to help, so please call us if you have any questions.